Increase the ease of your domestic cleaning

Clean your home with natural products – several tips and recipes

There is a universal feeling of distain for the household cleaning. Whilst it was once the vice of housewives around the world, the gender roles that people once conformed to are now opening up, and every body should be getting involved. There is no doubt that cleaning is a pain in the neck, and no one really wants to do it, but why? Cleaning does not involve that much skill, training or effort, so what is it that makes it so hated? The fact is that the absence of these things means that there is very little feeling of reward of achievement from cleaning, which despite the feeling of accomplishment from having a clean house, will no doubt mean that the tasks involved are simply long, dull, and repetitive, which is not exactly what anyone wants to be doing with their time. There is a lot to be said for the way in which people leave their cleaning until they absolutely have to as well. Whilst dust and dirt contains mainly human skin, a lot of germs and allergens, meaning that cleaning is essential, the boredom and fuss that comes with the process means that people avoid it until the last minute. This mindset naturally results in irregular cleaning, which means that the dirt builds up more between cleans, and the cleaning is therefore a lot more difficult. If you can regulate the amount to you clean by working separate jobs in to the working week, then you should find that your house clean is not a ‘once in a blue moon’ event, but a continuous process, that requires less effort, but more of the time. The hope is that doing things regularly will mean that you feel less stressed by the prospect, as the length of time each job takes will reduce every time you do it, as you get used to it, and the build up decreases.


If you do not really have the time to be cleaning during the working week, then perhaps that method is not for you. The main issue with the jobs involved in cleaning is the dullness of the processes. You will be able to completely switch off however, because the tasks involved require very little thinking about. Have you ever tried putting on the radio whilst cleaning? It is a great distraction, and can make the job a lot less tiresome, as you will not just be thinking about how bored you are all the time! Even more fun is putting on a favorite album, as it will then feel like a cross between relaxing in your own way and getting the housework done. By the time the album finishes, you will likely be surprised by the amount of work that you have got done! In a way, listening to things is quite a broad scope for distraction. If you would have preferred to watch TV than do the cleaning, perhaps you could down load and put on a radio soap, and see if that engages you in the same way. Radio documentaries and programs in subjects that interest you on various podcasts that are available on the internet can be a great idea as well. If you have always meant to read a book, but never seem to find the time, then why not get it as an audiobook and listen while you clean? This way you will have the house spotless and looking great, whilst also becoming better read each time. You may even find that you look forward to having to clean, as it means that you get to enjoy the story!

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