Leigh G, Brewster: Fantastic Cleaning Job Like Getting Brand New Basement

We just recently relocated to our home in Brewster, NY from Missouri. It is hard to settle in and set up a new house while taking care of the kids especially when we knew no in the area. After reading the reviews on USHOA, we called Nikita and Cleaning Service CT to come clean out our basement and as soon as possible. It was an emergency because the basement was so filthy that we couldn't completely un-pack from our move. 

It was short notice but Nikita got her team out to our house quickly even though we were not located around the corner in her Stratford, CT office. It didn't matter that we were 45 minutes away. The team was super nice, worked fast and professionally and even did the little things I asked. In addition to a great job cleaning things like mouse poop, they even helped me neatly organize supplies that were left behind by the previous owner.

After the crew left, Nikita called me to follow-up and make sure that I was happy with the work that her team had done. I was going to call her to thank her for the quick response and amazing work that Cleaning Service CT did but she beat me to it with her call to me.

They did a great job and my house has what looks like a brand new basement thanks to Cleaning Service CT. 

Leigh G, Brewster, NY

Peter T, New York: No Other Cleaning Service as Good as Nikita & Team!

I heard about Nikita's company through my landlord at the time. I stated using Cleaning Service CT when I lived in my 1 bedroom apartment in Connecticut. Nikita came to clean my apartment every week and I ended up using her for the whole year I lived there. I now live in New York and I wish she could still clean for me, but she doesn't work in New York. I keep hoping she expands her territory.

For the last 20 years I have used other cleaning services in places I have lived but no one is as good as Nikita and her team! One of their strengths is that obsessive attention to detail. Whenever I would come home to my apartment, I would notice something is always extra clean about it. 

Nikita is a neat freak herself and she always makes sure everything is spic and span from top to bottom. I am convinced that it is because she is a perfectionist that she is better than her competitors. She shows that she cares about her customers by her ability to listen and understand what is really needed for the cleaning job. She also rewards loyalty by offering her steady customers free cleaning after a certain amount of cleanings have been done.

I would have to say Cleaning Service CT is more like a personal service and less like a cleaning person. Nikita and her team are great and her follow-up is terrific. She always stayed in contact with me to make sure that I was satisfied with things. I would recommend to anyone in the Connecticut area and I really do wish I could still use her! 

Peter T, New York, NY
* Before moving to New York, Peter lived in Fairfield, CT.

John D, Trumbull CT: Cleaning Services CT For Residential OR Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning Services CT actually does all cleaning for us 5 days a week at a commercial building of ours. This includes the bathrooms, hallways and really just about everything in the building. I was referred to Nikita by Benman Industries in Bridgeport and have been using her services now for 2 years and we are going into our 3 year with Cleaning Services CT. 

I've actually used other cleaning services in the past and Cleaning Services CT is so much better than the others! I have no complaints about their services and Nikita is great to work with and always gets done what is needed.

I recommend them highly for residential or commercial work.

John D, Trumbull CT

Jared R, Stratford CT: Great Cleaning Service and Always Accessible

I work for a truck company and a few times a week Cleaning Services CT comes into our office to clean the floors, windows, counters, and take the garbage out. They also organize everything else, etc. They really take care of the general maintenance for the entire truck company office. 

I'm not sure how we got connected with them but we have been using their services now for about four years and Cleaning Services CT has proven to be a great deal! 

Before using them we had one of our employees doing the cleaning and I have to say they didn't do nearly as good of a job as Cleaning Services CT.

Cleaning Services CT has the cleaning equipment for every circumstance and is very thorough. No matter what, anything we tell them, Nikita will fix it right away as she is always accessible and easy to get a hold of! 

Jared R, Stratford, CT

Guy C, Bridgeport CT: Solid Cleaning Business and Great Team to Work With!

I have been using Nikita's services now for over two years. We have a few apartments in Bridgeport Connecticut and I use Cleaning Services CT to clean those apartments and their common areas when getting ready for new tenants to move in. Cleaning Services CT will do almost anything. For a while Nikita was also improving the parking lot area with minor landscaping. 

I actually heard about them through my secretary. I believe she had found an online ad for Cleaning Services CT and I am glad she did.

Cleaning Services CT is a solid business and very clean. Nikita is a great person to work with and she always picks up the phone no matter what! Nikita is always consistent with her work and makes a point of always being on time. 

I will continue to use this great service and recommend to those who I know. 

Guy C, Bridgeport CT

Liz A, Norwalk CT: Great Cleaning Jobs Done at Any Time in the Day!

I have been using Nikita and Cleaning Service CT since last year when I lived in Stamford and found an ad for her on Craigslist. Then I moved to Norwalk. When I got to the apartment it wasn't cleaned at all and it was a disgusting horror! The landlord had said to me that he would pay for the cleaning service if I got a person in by tomorrow morning. I didn't know if this would be possible or not, but I called Nikita right away and she was there the next day at 6:00 AM to make the place spotless! It was a miracle.

After Nikita cleaned the apartment for over 6 hours she told me exactly what she did, for example there was mold on the toilet seat and she was able to clean that up perfectly! Even my landlord was impressed. Since using her for my apartment in Norwalk, my landlord actually asked for her contact information as he now wants to use her for his tenants. 

Nikita is great and so is her staff; all very good at what they do. When I spoke to Nikita for the first time she was very accommodating. I had two cats and Nikita said that if I wanted her to clean the litter boxes she would do that too. 

She will do any cleaning service that you request and is always there for you whenever you need her to be. She is always on time or even often early. I will continue to recommend her to people that I know! Great service! 

Liz A - Norwalk CT

Jose Y, Darien CT: More Than Just a Cleaning Service

About a year ago I moved from my old house to my new house in Darien. I needed a cleaning service to clean my old house. 

I used Cleaning Service CT to make sure the house was spotless from top to bottom. This was my first time using them and since then I have used them routinely for cleaning tasks needed to be done at my new house. And they do more than just simple cleaning up.

For example, they were able to help me fix the garage door opener, and during the week of blackouts that we had due to last year's hurricane they came and cleaned up the damage that was made. 

I have to say they are more than just a cleaning company, they're a handyman service as well! Their communication skills are exceptional and they always knew what I wanted and needed to be done. 

Jose Y - Darien CT

Cynthia S, Darien, CT: Great Cleaning Service Who Understands What I Need

I rent out apartments and I need a great cleaning service that I can rely on. I heard about Cleaning Service CT through word of mouth when I needed an apartment cleaned after one of my tenants had moved out. 

I had a new tenant moving in and when I asked someone I knew who I should use they said Cleaning Service CT. This was my first time using a cleaning service and I was a little skeptical but I have been happy with them ever since that first time. Overall their work is wonderful. The place is always clean and spotless. They are extremely conscientious and they always understand the biggest problems and the results I would want in the end. 

I would definitely recommend them to others! 

Cynthia S, Darien CT

Sarah P of Stamford, CT: I've tried a bunch; Cleaning Service CT is the best.

I saw that they were on call 24 hours and I work all hours, so I called Nikita at Cleaning Service CT at 1am. They were able to get to my apartment at 8am the same day… just 7 hours later.

They were terrific, responsive and a great value. They worked with me to make sure that my needs were being met and yet they were also quick and efficient with the cleaning of my apartment. They were very accommodating and had great customer service with great follow-through.

I have worked with other cleaning services over the years but I am not going back. I am sticking with Cleaning Service CT.

Sarah P, Stamford CT

Alexis R of Trumbull, CT: Great job & fantastic attention to follow-up and customer satisfaction

I picked Cleaning Service CT because of their responsiveness and flexibility. I was very happy with my choice.

Among other things, our kitchen and bathroom had been completely gutted and we needed “post-construction cleanup.” Given the way construction goes, flexibility and timing was important to us. Nikita, the owner of Cleaning Service CT, was very flexible and worked to our project schedule, which was hard to predict.

Cleaning Service CT's process was methodical and the follow-up extremely thorough and caring. There was caulk on the floors and there was a tremendous amount of wood dust and sheet rock dust all over the 1500 or so square foot area that we needed cleaned. Three women started on one side of the room and slowly but surely moved across the area. They did a very good job and Nikita came in after they were done to do a detailed inspection of their work. Nikita was very interested in how I thought the job went and wanted to make sure I was completely satisfied. She even called me the following day to ask if I was happy with the work that the Cleaning Service CT crew did.

I would absolutely hire them again and recommend Cleaning Service CT to others.

Alexis R, Trumbull CT

Seth B. of CT: Consistently an Excellent Job Cleaning my Apartment

I hired Cleaning Service CT to clean my apartment every other week. They have consistently done an excellent job, exceeding my expectations. They perform a high quality service, and do an excellent job if you're willing to pay a bit of a premium.

Steven D. of Stamford, CT: The Best Cleaning Company We've Had

Cleaning Service CT provides cleaning services for my business, Metropolitan Dance Center. This includes cleaning the dance floor, mirrors, reception, bathrooms, offices and removing the trash. In addition they refill our paper supplies for the restrooms. The best part of working with them: Great response time, thorough cleaning and very professional and accommodating. They are the best cleaning company we've had to date.

Dina D. of Fairfield, CT: Lucky to Have Cleaning Service CT for our Offices

We were in need of a cleaning service for our new office and were fortunate to have been put in contact with Cleaning Service CT. The services provided are excellent. Someone is quickly in touch with me whenever I have a question. It was very good decision to hire Cleaning Service CT, you will not be disappointed. I appreciate their excellent services, professionalism and flexibility.

Kate W. of Stratford CT: Impeccable Cleaning & Not Afraid of Any Job

Cleaning Service CT is thorough and they do impeccable work. I have paid for other cleaning services but Cleaning Service CT is the best. They do the job and then re-inspect their work. Nikita, the owner, is extremely professional. I had a big job and she came and met with me first to get a full understanding of the work that needed to be done. I have a large house and I work a lot so I needed someone to help me. I needed the house cleaned from top to bottom and that meant the floors, walls and ceilings.

The services that Cleaning Service CT provides are quite diverse. Nothing shocks Nikita and her crew. They always maintain a positive outlook and are upbeat no matter how big and difficult the job. I have even had very last minute emergencies come up and Cleaning Service CT has always bailed me out.

I can't say enough about them.