Shared Student Living - How to Deal with Cleaning

Shared Student Living
A lot of people think that student years are all fun and parties, that people there form lasting friendships and usually get along great. But reality is that there is a lot more to shared living than that. It presents a lot of challenges that you must be ready to face when the time comes. One such is finding a way to divide responsibility when it comes to domestic cleaning, as this is one thing that can easily cause turmoil. When you share a bathroom, kitchen and a living room with someone else, there needs to be a solid agreement on what cleaning standards will be established so that no problems arise. What might be acceptable for one will seem totally unpleasant for another, and for this reason there should be dialogue in order to reach an agreement. The following guidelines can help you establish the rules:

• Hiring a professional cleaning company – while this may sound a bit drastic for some, it is actually one of the easiest solutions. It will save you a lot of troubles and potential problems, as it will require very little work from the occupants. Instead, professional cleaners will take care of all the cleaning for a fee, which is the only downside.

• Clean as a group when cleaning builds up – it is not uncommon to have a wild party and things to get a little out of control after it. Chances are the place will be in a mess. Additionally, during exams and other busy times throughout the year, you might not have enough time to properly clean. In such situations it is important to work as a group, as such tasks can be too big for a single person to deal with. Some shared cleaning service will do the place good and it should be ok, as long as everyone works their fair share.

• Establish a cleaning schedule – this is another way of dealing with cleaning. You can clean on every even day and your roommate can take the shift every odd day for example. This is strict, but may be a bit problematic in that it may turn out to be a bit unfair for someone. Imagine you have had guests in the room one evening, and on the next it is your turn to clean after them.

• Focus on cleaning your own stuff – this is perhaps the fairest approach and it sounds good in theory but in reality will require some compromise. Chances are some things will need cleaning regardless of how much effort you put into cleaning after yourself. Additionally, there is always the danger of someone slacking off and cleaning chores just adding up till the point they cannot be left ignored any longer.

The aforementioned methods all have their weak and strong points. It is important to keep in mind that no matter what rules and agreements you have, nothing beats attitude and understanding between roommates. If you can establish that, there will be no problem with cleaning. Article provided by Best Carpet Cleaning services in Stockwell.

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